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Episode 2 - LeBron scores 51!

LeBron James scores 51, Game review: Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Brandon Ingram stats, Lonzo Ball play, Rondo coaching?

Episode 3 - LeBron and the Lakers win in Cleveland

Lakers game review versus Cleveland Cavs, Lebron James first game back since joining the Lakers, team stats, upcoming games, Thanksgiving wishes.

Episode 4 - Lakers talk game review

Lakers game review vs Utah, Family Introduction, game stats, Orlando vs Lakers game review, game stats.

Episode 5 - Discuss Lakers record and defensive rating

Lakers current record, Western Conference standings, Lakers Defensive rating The talk with Walton, Management styles.

Episode 6 - Lakers back to back games Spurs

Lakers vs Spurs game review from Wednesday. LeBron great game and showmanship. Review player and game stats. Lakers loss vs Spurs on Friday.  Brandon Ingram injury, Kyle Kuzma stepping up and Lonzo Ball Dunks!!

Episode 7 - LeBron Leads Lakers to victory

NBA theme music, Lakers game review vs Memphis, LeBron game play and stats, player review, Western Conference Standings, Lakers upcoming game. 

Episode 8 - Lakers Win, LeBron/Wade final duel

Lakers game review, LeBron and Wade final battle, game and player stats, upcoming schedule, standings

Episode 9 - Houston, we have a problem!

James Harden explodes for a 50pt triple double, Lakers loose, standing in the western conference.

Episode 10 - LeBron James and Lonzo Ball make Lakers History

LeBron James and Lonzo Ball have Triple doubles in the same game. Lakers win, game review, player stats, Lonzo ball and improvement of overall play, showtime back again, NBA game review, 10th Episode!

Episode 11 - Lakers therapy during rough times.

Lakers loss vs Wizards and Nets, therapy, good news going forward, Western conference standings.

Episode 12 - Lakers Christmas present?

Lakers game review, win vs New Orleans Pelicans, loss vs Memphis Grizzlies. Player stats review, Ingram and Rondo back, Zubac stepping up, Christmas game review vs Golden State Warriors.

Episode 13 - LeBron James hurt in Lakers Christmas Win?

Lakers Christmas win vs Golden State Warriors, LeBron may have pulled a groin muscle, Rondo the glue in second half as young players step up, Western Conference standings, Can the Lakers hold on without LeBron James?

Episode 14 - Lakers young guys excel in tough loss

Lakers young guys excel, Game review in Heartbreaker loss, Stats and game play, Kyle Kuzma steps up, Brandon Ingram game review, Lonzo Ball (Balls out!) misses triple double, Western Conference Standings, where do the Lakers stand?

Episode 15 - Lakers fall to Clippers without LeBron and Rondo.

Lakers loss to the Clippers, game review, player reviews, stats, Western Conference standings, Lakers upcoming games.

Episode 16 - Lakers Win vs Sacramento Kings

Lakers win vs Sacramento Kings, game review, stats, Western Conference standings, Upcoming schedule.

Episode 17 - Lakers struggle to stop Paul George and OKC Thunder

Lakers young core struggle to stop Paul George, Kuzma hurt in first half with lower back strain, Game Review, Bad free throw shooting, Stats, Standings and upcoming schedule

Episode 18 - Lakers Lose again without LeBron, but there is a Silver Lining!

Lakers Lose to New York Knicks, Silver Lining, Game Review, Game Stats, Schedule, How the Lakers will stay afloat 

without LeBron, Rondo and Kuzma, Upcoming game review.

Episode 19 - Lakers fall to the Timberwolves

Lakers fall to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Game review, Stats, Western Conference Standings review, Stats, Upcoming games.

Episode 20 - Lakers Young Core Excel in comeback win!

Lakers Young core excel in comeback win, Game Review, Stats, Western Conference standings, Upcoming games

Episode 21 - Lakers Win by putting the “D” on Detroit Pistons!

Lakers win 2nd game in a row without LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma scores Career High, Lonzo game play, Game review, Stats, Standings.

Episode 22 - Lakers Sing the Blues, Lose to Utah Jazz

Lakers game review, Game stats, Rank Young core, Western Conference Standings, Upcoming games, LeBron status, Go Chargers!

Episode 23 - Lakers Lose to Lowly Cleveland Cavs

Lakers Lose to Cavs, Did the Lakers Respect the Cavs?, Western Conference Standings, Game Stats, Will the Lakers make the playoffs?

Episode 24 - Lakers Bully the Bulls

Lakers get the victory against the bulls, Lonzo Ball great play, LeBron injury status, Game review, Game Stats, Western Conference Standings, Upcoming game review

Episode 25 - Lakers Young Core “Children of the Corn” the OKC Thunder.

Lakers overcome a 17 1st quarter deficit, Lonzo Ball takes charge, Zubac's coming out party, Kuzma leads all scoring, game review, Western Conference Standings.

Episode 26 - Lakers tough loss to Houston and Lonzo Injured

Lakers lose to Houston in a heartbreaker, Lonzo Injured, Game review, LeBron and Rondo cleared to practice.

Episode 27 - Lakers Lose to Houston. Lonzo sprains ankle.

Game review of Lakers Loss to Houston Rockets. Lonzo Ball injury and impact. Looking forward.

Episode 28 - Lakers lose 2 games in a row, Rondo Returns.

Lakers lose 2nd game in a row, Rondo Returns from hand surgery, Milestones and Goals, Standings.

Episode 29 - Lakers Get Beat down by the T-Wolves!

Lakers Game review of loss to Minnesota T-Wolves, Game Stats, Upcoming game against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night, LeBron Full contact Practice.

Episode 30 - Lakers Blaze the Suns! Luke Walton on the Hot Seat.

Lakers win against the Suns. Game review, Stats, Highlights, Is Luke Walton on the Hot Seat?

Episode 31 - Anthony Davis has Requested a Trade!

Anthony Davis trade request. Lakers young core at risk. Who can we offer in a trade? Magic now on the clock.

Episode 32 - LeBron Returns!! Lakers Clip the Clippers in Overtime!

LeBron James Returns after 17 missed games, Lakers vs Clippers game review of Highlights, Game Stats review, Anthony Davis Trade rumors, Which young core would we have to give up.

Episode 33 - Lakers Lose to Golden State. Trouble in the Locker Room?

Lakers lose to Golden State, Game review, Stats review, Discuss confrontation in locker room between players and Luke Walton.

Episode 34 - Lakers and AD trade negotiations

Discussion on Anthony Davis trade rumors and negotiations, Lakers upcoming game.

Episode 35 - Lakers Trade for Reggie Bullock. Blowout Loss to the Pacers.

Lakers Trade Mykhailiuk for Reggie Bullock, We will discuss each players stats, Game Review, Clippers Trade discussion and how it affects the Lakers, Anthony Davis Trade discussion, Trade Deadline.

Episode 36 - Media affect on the NBA Trade Deadline.

Discussion on how the Media affects what we think about teams and Players, Kevin Durant Rant to the Media, Power the Media has, Where the Lakers stand in the Playoff race.

Episode 37 - Rondo’s Buzzer beater gets Lakers the Win!

Trade deadline passing, Discuss how the Lakers team can get back to playing together after tough trade rumors, Lakers Standings, Upcoming Games

Episode 38 - Lakers Lose to revamped 76’s Team.

Game Review, Box Score and Gate Stats review, Kyle Kuzma on Fire, Upcoming Games, LeBron James

near Triple double.

Episode 39 - Lakers Lose to Hawks in Atlanta.

LeBron acknowledgement, Highlights of the game, Game Stats, Game Review, Western Conference Standings, Luke Walton on the Hot seat. 

Episode 40 - Dedication to Courtney

Episode 40 is a Dedication to Courtney Cross and includes a Replay of Episode #4 which featured Courtney along with other family members.

Episode 41 - Are the Lakers Down and Out? Let’s Discuss

Discussion on Lakers current status, Lonzo Injury, LeBron James coming back from injury, Trade rumors affecting young core, Player rotation, one year contracts, What to look forward to.

Episode 42 - LeBron James shuts it down for the remainder of the season!

LeBron James will sit out remainder of the season. Positives to look forward too. Possible free agents to target in the off season.

Episode 43 - Magic calls it quits!

Magic calls it quits, Luke Walton and Lakers part ways, Where do we stand, what to look forward to.

Episode 44 - Lakers Search for New Coach

Magic departs, Search for a new Head Coach, LeBron's reaction to Magic Departing, Whats next for the Lakers?, Draft Lottery and NBA draft.

Episode 45 - Lakers beat the odds in NBA draft Lottery

Lakers surprising move up in NBA draft Lottery, Frank Vogel background and coaching history, NBA draft prospects, Should the Lakers keep the pick or move the asset? 

Episode 46 - Lakers Draft prospect Analysis

Discuss Lakers NBA draft prospects, Keep the pick or make a trade? Should we for position needed or best player available?

Episode 47 - Magic spills the beans! Lakers announce Frank Vogel.

Magic goes on First Take, discusses reasons he stepped down, Thoughts on Rob Palinka, Frank Vogel announcement press conference, thoughts on Frank Vogel, LeBron at press conference, What to look forward to. 

Episode 48 - Rumor discussion and free agency Talk

Discuss possible Bradley Beal trade, Kemba Walker is a free agent possibility, Is Kawhi Leonard a viable option to come to the Lakers? 

Episode 49 - Review of Free agency, draft and playoffs.

Review of Lakers free agency rumors, new assistant coach, How the playoffs affect the Lakers chances of getting free agents.

Episode 50 - Anthony Davis to the Lakers!

Anthony Davis is officially a Los Angeles Lakers!

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