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Episode 51 - NBA Draft and Summer league talk.

Discuss the NBA Draft, Negative Lakers Talk needs to stop, Lakers get a draft pick, Summer league action.

Episode 52 - Free Agency starts in 4 days!

Free agency starts on Jun 30th, excitement in the air, potential Lakers signings, Summer League excitement.

Episode 53 - Lakers have Max Free Agency spot available!

Lakers make a trade opening up Max available money for free agency, Anthony Davis to wear number 23, Free Agency starts Sunday, Jun 30th 6pm EST.

Episode 54 - Free Agency Frenzy, Kawhi on the way?

Free Agency signings, Kahwi to the Lakers?, Twitter on fire, sleepless nights.

Episode 55 - Kahwi Leonard and Paul George to the Clippers!

Kahwi Leonard and Paul George create Earthquakes in Los Angeles and the NBA!

Episode 56 - Lakers free agency moves and Kahwi aftermath.

Free Agency signings, aftermath of Kahwi debacle, Lakers in great position, Summer league action.

Episode 57 - Latest Lakers News

Lakers Roster, three point shooting, Western Conference teams.

Episode 59 - Taco Tuesday!

LeBron James celebrates another Taco Tuesday with family and staff, NCAA implementing the "Rich Paul" rule, LeBron tweets, The

upcoming season and LA vs LA opening night and Christmas matchups.

Episode 58 - Lebron’s Lakers mini camp and more.

Lebron to bring Lakers together prior to preseason, Jason Kidd discusses team expectations, Kyle Kuzma’s play with team USA.

Episode 60 - Lakers schedule review.

Upcoming season schedule review, NCAA amends “Rich Paul” rule, What to expect this season.

Episode 61 - DeMarcus Cousins down.

DeMarcus Cousins has a torn ACL, What that means to the Lakers, What does that mean to DeMarcus' career? 

Who can we get to replace him as back up center?

Episode 62 - Dwight Howard back with the Lakers!

Lakers get Dwight Howard, discuss the western conference Teams and rankings.

Episode 63 - Kobe vs Shaq - 12 rings?

Kobe talks about Shaq not having a good work ethic, what it would have meant if Shaq stayed in better shape, Dwight Howard in great shape.

Episode 64 - Lonzo BBB discusion, Lakers season outlook.

Lon I talks about BBB shoes, Lakers season outlook.

Episode 65 - Ready to start the 2019-2020 season!

LeBron's mini camp in Vegas, Lakers Preseason schedule, Lakers current roster, Lakers season opener.

Episode 66 - Lakers First Preseason Game Preview

Review Lakers Preseason game, Talk about what to look forward to, what will be the starting line up, what will the rotations look like.

Episode 67 - Lakers Go Time!!

Lakers preseason game 1 Review, LeBron and Anthony Davis connection, How the role players looked, Lakers looking like a great team.

Episode 68 - Excitement over Lakers first game action!

Shout out to Tina, Kristie and Ken, Game Atmosphere, Anthony Davis BEASTING, LeBron James' Greatness and in game scare, Role players who stood out, Stats, and games to come.

Episode 69 - NBA and China relations - How it affects Lakers and the NBA?

NBA and China relations, how it affects the Lakers, Discuss if Lakers VS Nets will happen, Review of Zion, Lonzo and Ingram from first preseason game.

Episode 70 - Lakers China games!

Lakers games vs the Nets in China, game review, starting line up changes, Anthony Davis Hurt?...

Episode 71 - Lakers “New” young core shows promise in 4th preseason game.

Lakers young guys show promise, Dwight Howard and Zach Norvell Jr game play, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma injury update, One week away from Regular season tip off!

Episode 72 - Lakers regular season in 6 days!

Lakers regular season opening night just around the corner, Lakers preseason discussion, who played well so far, what do we think of Dwight Howard?

Episode 73 - Lakers Vs Clippers game review

Game review, Talk with Clippers and Lakers fans.

Episode 74 - Lakers win First home game of tge regular season

Lakers win Versus Utah Jazz, Co Host with my Dad, interviews with Lakers Fans outside Staples Center.

Episode 74 - Lakers win First home game of the regular season

Lakers win Versus Utah Jazz, Co Host with my Dad, interviews with Lakers Fans outside Staples Center.

Episode 75 - Lakers Exciting win in overtime VS Dallas Mavericks

Lebron James makes history, Lakers first half slow start, Danny Green proves his worth, Overtime, Stats and boxscore.

Episode 76 - Lakers disappointing loss to Toronto Raptors

Lakers Lose to Toronto, Defense lapses by the Lakers, Toronto shows their toughness.

Episode 77 - Lakers hold off a surviving Phoenix Suns team.

Kyle Kuzma rounding into form, Lakers and Suns go back and forth, Suns three point shooting

Episode 78 - Lakers have a 16-2 record on Thanksgiving day.

Lakers record review, overall season play, review of player contributions: LeBron, AD, KCP, Dwight Howard, Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green and Avery Bradley.

Episode 80 - Lakers face a tough test in Denver Nuggets!

Lakers at Denver Nuggets, excitement from Lakers fans.

Episode 81 - Lakers give Denver a Golden Nugget Loss!

Lakers defeat Denver Nuggets, shout out to good people at the Lakers/Nuggets game.

Episode 82 - Lakers defeat the Utah Jazz, making them sing the blues.

Lakers dominate the Utah Jazz, Shoutouts to Denver and Utah fans, Thoughts on the game, Lakers Defense - 3 players with 3 blocks, Dwight Howard hits a 3 pointer, Stats and box score, Western Conference standings.

Episode 83 - Lakers Blaze Portland in route to 20-3 record

Lakers are too much for Blazers, Lakers have best road record in the league, Anthony Davis is Great and only getting better, LeBron incredible in year 17, Lakers and Bucks on a Collision course for December 19th,  Games left before December 19th Match up, Stats and Western Conference standings

Episode 84 - Anthony Davis Drops 50 points!

Anthony Davis scores 50 in Staples Center showing how Dynamic and Dominate he is, Lebron James doing Lebron James things, Happy Birthday Dwight!, We are witnessing something special!

Episode 85 - Lakers face the Bucks!

Lakers face the Buck! Game is the year so far.

Episode 86 - Lakers get Clipped, Lebron possible injury.

Lakers Lose in a a disappointing fashion to the Clippers, LeBron might have re-injured his groin,Kyle Kuzma’s resurgence.

Episode 87 - Lakers snap their 4 game losing streak.

Lakers beat the Portland Trail Blazers, Kyle Kuzma looking like what we expected, Dallas Mavericks game next.

Episode 88 - Remembering Kobe!

Unbelievable news of Kobe Bryant and 13 year old daughter's death along with 7 others aboard Helicopter Crash, Remembering his life, Reactions, feelings. Gone too soon.

Episode 89 - LeBron Dominates as the Lakers beat the Bucks

LeBron dominates the game, Anthony Davis strong performance, MVP discussion, Standings, Lakers vs Clippers Sunday matchup

Episode 91 - The new Normal in the NBA

The new Normal in the NBA, When will the NBA resume?, The NBA to open some practice facilities, Will the NBA we jump right into the playoffs? 

Episode 92 - Inside the Bubble with the Lakers - Live Show

Lakers Championship chances inside the Bubble, JR Smith signing and what he brings to the table, What Rondo’s injury means to the Lakers, Live Caller discussion on Eastern conference contenders and incite on Toronto Raptors Championship.

Episode 90 - Life during Covid-19

NBA Season in Hold, COVID-19 impact, Discussion on Lakers wins against Bucks and Clippers, Will the NBA continue the season? If so, what would that look like?

Episode 93 - Lakers First Scrimmage in the Bubble

Lakers first game action in 4 1/2 months, what we look forward to seeing in the first scrimmage, discuss remaining scrimmage schedule, remaining "Regular" season games in the Bubble, Various NBA topics

Episod 94 - Post-game and discussion of Lakers First Scrimmage

Lakers post-game discussion, Stats and review, How the team looked including new and rookie players, What to look forward to.

Episode 95 - Lakers Complete 3 Game Scrimmages - On to Regular “8″ Game Season

Lakers 3 game scrimmage review, Highlights and box score, Anthony Davis Hurt?, Kyle Kuzma looking great, Lou Williams hits strip club, Lakers Vs Clippers in first "regular" season game.

Episode 96 - Lakers are Back!

Lakers Vs Clippers, First game back after NBA shutdown, Playoff feel and excitement, Anthony Davis was great, LeBron struggled then played lock down defense.

Episode 1 - Lebron James makes history

Lebron scores 44, Lakers record review, Lebron makes History, Portland game review, The young guys.

Episode 97 - Toronto puts Lakers through a Tornado.

Lakers loose to a hustling Raptors, Lakers inefficiency from 3 pt range, Lakers VS Raptors finals preview?

Episode 98 - Lakers Beat the Jazz to Sow up #1 Seed.

Lakers win to get the #1 seed in the Western Conference, Slow start, Anthony Davis has an explosive game, LeBron game play, Western Conference playoff seeding a matchups.

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